Friday Round-Up: January 10, 2014

Have a good weekend! Temps are supposed to be nearing the 40s this weekend in Chicago—that’s about a 55-degree increase from Monday! I think I’ll ditch the winter coat for a light spring jacket. We’re celebrating Mike’s sister’s birthday (happy birthday, Allyson!) with dinner and a show at Second City. What are you up to?


Tina Fey and Amy Poehler chat about their upcoming hosting gig.

Is this mug motivating or what?

– Drawing the world map from memory.

– Love the creativity of these miniature scenes.

– Photos of a frozen Chicago and frozen lighthouses in Michigan. It’s hard to believe that summer even exists in the midwest from looking at these pictures.

What sleep deprivation does to you.

16 books to read before they become movies in 2014.

– Dad provides hilarious and honest answers to a daycare questionnaire.

– The most dangerous hiking trail in China leads to a teahouse high atop a mountain. The photos alone can induce vertigo. (Thanks, Jon)

– Vegetables that grow in strange places. (Thanks, Rick)

A dance montage slash Beyonce tribute.


  1. Hey Midwest Maven,
    Ready for a small world example?

    The guy who made the funny comments on his daughter’s day care form is my downstairs neighbour. My daughter and his play together. How about that??

  2. what is better than Tina and Amy on a friday? I mean seriously Need to get my reading on for these

  3. Funny stuff! Love the mug.

  4. Allyson Lunde says:

    Thanks Jorie!! Perfect start to my birthday weekend…a birthday shout out on The Midwest Maven (Friday round up no less)!!

  5. Stay warm Jorie!!

  6. I need to read some of those books (especially Labor Day, Winter’s Tale, A Long Way Down, and This Is Where I Leave You.) I can’t wait to see Labor Day. It looks like a wonderful film. Are you looking forward to any of those sixteen films? :)

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