Friday Round-Up: December 13, 2013

Happy weekend! I’m headed to the Music Box tomorrow to see White Christmas and singalong to Christmas carols with my family and Mike’s and I couldn’t be more excited about it. What are you up to? Here’s a photo of some of the girls from a holiday get-together last weekend.


– My friend Kate is training for the Boston Marathon 2014 (her second time running it!) and chronicling her adventures here. Do check it out! It’s going to be an emotional race.

14 signs of emotional intelligence.

– Do you live in or near a so-called “Super Zip”—where the wealthiest and most educated Americans live?

Amy Poehler goes caroling on the streets of New York and hilarity ensues. Some of these arseholes are way less excited than they should be to sing Christmas carols with THE Leslie Knope.

Jimmy Kimmel compiled some footage of Los Angeleno TV newscasters reporting on the bitter cold gripping SoCal: breezy, 50 degree weather. This seems like an Onion parody.

 A compilation of scaredy dogs walking past cats. I love this so, so much. Also, cats are total d-wads.

– Which “Friends” character are you? I got Rachel but I feel strongly that I should be a Geller. (Thanks, Mito)

Amazing polar bear photography. (Thanks, Jon)

– Pssst,  I wrote this: My favorite new lipstick for fall and winter.

– And I also wrote this: Physical Features Beautylish Staffers Are Thankful For.

14 hilarious drawings by kids. (Thanks, Derek)

– A creative and colorful backyard igloo.

– An orphaned baby squirrel gets a second chance with this family. Soooo cute.

Interesting Pantene Pro-V commercial, going viral thanks to an endorsement by Sheryl Sandberg.

An airline surprises its passengers by fulfilling their Christmas wish lists.


  1. the orphaned baby squirrel… I die. So cute. Happy Friday!

  2. Ohhh I want that fall lipstick you wrote about! So cute! (And I also want to sing carols with Leslie Knope, haha.) Happy Holidays, Jorie!

  3. OMG, the orphaned baby squirrel just made me melt into a puddle of goo. He’s so stinkin’ cute! Gah!

    As always, thanks for the awesome articles — and congratulations on your two publications! Awesome work, my dear. :)

  4. Those scared dogs crack me up, almost as much as the LA newscasters.

  5. I ended up being Mike from ‘Friends’. So random! :) I also really love the ‘signs of emotional intelligence’ link. Great read. Lastly, I love ‘White Christmas’! Such a wonderful movie. Had you seen it before?

    • My boyfriend introduced me to White Christmas when we first started dating about five years ago, and I’ve been watching it at least once per season now! It’s so good and combines a lot of things I love: dancing, musical cheesiness, retro sets and costumes, and a grizzled old man with a soft heart! Do you have a fav holiday movie?

  6. That LA weather forecast cracked me up! The leaves on the trees move a bit and, “Oh, is that a breeze? Are those clouds?” Newscasters are so easy to make fun of and so are Californians. This was a divine pairing.

    • Hahaha, we know firsthand about how cheesy these packages can be! My favorite part was the newscaster whose hair was “blowing all around her” and then the Starbucks drive-thru with the “warm beverage after warm beverage” line.

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