Friday Round-Up: December 6, 2013

Cheers to Friday! Here’s a photo of the Christmas tree Mike and I put up last weekend. The halls are decked ’round here!


10 things I want my daughter to know about working out.

– A quiz: how millennial are you? (Thanks, Steph)

11 awkward things about email. So true. (Thanks, Mito)

– Discover which adventurous U.S. town you should live in with this interactive ranking. (Thanks, Mike)

– These photos of real life fox-and-hound friends will melt your cold, cold heart. (Thanks, Amelia and McG)

Researchers have discovered that online dating favors two specific groups of people.

– Another quiz: which character from Love Actually are you?

The daily rituals of creative minds.

– But wait! One more (British) quiz. What’s your mental age? This site might be overloaded, but try again later! (Thanks, Mito)

Extreme close-ups of the human eye. These photos made me woozy. (Thanks, Zach)

– Jimmy Fallon, Rashida Jones, and Carrie Underwood in a Thanksgiving-themed pop parody medley.


  1. Hahaha that e-mail one is hilarious!

  2. There are so many great things in this post. I am on my way to find out which Love Actually character I am. I love that movie!

  3. I shared that ’10 Things I Want My Daughter…’ on my Facebook last week. I absolutely loved it! Such great advice. I wish I would’ve had more of this perspective while in high school and college. I also took the millennial quiz and got a 60% :) Always enjoy your Friday roundups!

  4. Looks like I’m about as millennial as it gets…

  5. So many great things here! I took the Love Actually quiz and was horrified to find that I’m that awful girl who gets Alan Rickman to cheat on the lovely Emma Thompson. Noooooooo!

  6. I like the workout link, it’s something all girls should read. And, I love your tree!

  7. I love the article about things I want my daughter to know about working out! Very well said!

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