Friday Round-Up: July 26, 2013

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend. Doing anything exciting?

Epic treehouses that are cooler than your apartment.

– The same people who brought us the cronut have now given us: Frozen S’mores. Come to mummy!!! (Thanks, Jon)

– Forbes’ 20 Things 20-Year-Olds Don’t Get. A lot are common sense, but there are still some goodies in here.

– Test your news knowhow with this quiz. Somehow, I got 12 out of 13!

– Low-maintenance beauty tips for a camping trip. (Pssst I wrote this). Some of the commenters were getting a bit feisty about wearing makeup on a camping trip—but this is a beauty website! Of course I have to mention a few beauty products. Besides, most of the article was about easy camp-friendly hairstyles and getting enough sleep. Haters gon’ hate…

– You want to read this expose on the people who live in a network of tunnels below the Las Vegas strip. (Thanks, Derek)

10 secrets for the extending the life of cut flowers. Helpful.

Incredibly unique hotels.

– Jesse and the Rippers (AKA John Stamos’ band on “Full House”) performs live on Jimmy Fallon. Surprise guest: Aunt Becky. Love love love.


  1. Wow I never wanted to live in a tree house until now! haha

  2. Have a great weekend Jorie!

  3. Treehouses? Those are raised cabins…lol!! Love it. Your article was great and like you said haters gon’ hate…geesh!! Glad you just roll with and don’t give a flip! Have an awesome weekend Jorie :)

  4. You haven’t written a successful online article until you have made a horde of people unreasonably upset, so congrats!

  5. Those tree houses are incredible. John saw that this week and he’s now trying to figure out how to build one in the backyard!

  6. 1) I need a frozen s’more NOW! 2) The underground homes in Las Vegas both make me sad…and creep me out. 3) I got a 10/13 on the news quiz. 4) I just shared the 20 Things 20 Year Old’s Miss on my Facebook page 5) Your article on camping has made me 1) Begin to watch the Parent Trap 2) take note of the products because this is something I struggle with while camping :) Great list this week Jorie!

  7. Amy @ Healthy and Fit for Real says:

    I read that article about the tunnel people too- very interesting and sad.

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