Friday Round-Up: July 13, 2012

As the ever-poignant R. Kelly once sang, “It’s the freakin’ weekend, baby/Imma ’bout to look at some links.” Or something.

– Wandering what book(s) to read this summer? This crazy awesome flow chart is here to help.

– Ooooh, ahhhh, fancy doghouses! And one pighouse!

– If you only read one link today, this should be it. A professional writer’s New York Times op-ed piece called “The Busy Trap.” This one really struck a chord with me.

– This Tumblr mash-up of celebrities’ faces is eerily spot on. Reba McEntire + Andy Dick = Kathy Griffin. Why didn’t I see that before? I could not stop scrolling through this site.

– Oh, mylanta! Baseball cards discovered in an attic are estimated to be worth $3 million cool ones.

“Football Minus Balls” is just what it sounds like, at least if you live in a Spanish-speaking country: still shots of soccer games with the ball photoshopped out. It’s like some kind of epic ninja fight.

– Recurring Friday-Round Up (and “Parks n Rec”) star Nick Offerman, AKA Ron Swanson, reads tweets from young female celebrities on Conan. Worth one minute and 20 seconds of your time.

Best o’ the Blogs Round-Up

– The Lazy Hippie Mama wrote an awesome piece on tipping in restaurants, and why you should almost always tip 20%.

– Amber, who blogs at the Usual Bliss, shared a thoughtful, refreshing post on keepin’ it real. A great reminder that no one is perfect, despite what their tweets, Instagram photos, and Facebook posts may lead you to believe.

– My dear friend Sarah Mitus, who blogs over at The Pursuit, shared some yummy recipes to recreate Bertucci’s famous dipping sauce, as well as her favorite entree, rigatoni broccoli and chicken with white wine sauce.

– Just in time for the weekend, M & J gave us DIY beach bags.

– Check out these two adorable sleeping pooches (on one fabulous bedspread) over at Sadie and Dasie.


  1. Aw. Thanks! :)

  2. Bahahaha the tumblr mash up is hilarious. And the DIY beach bag is awesome!!

  3. Great links! I loved the book infographic…it was fun to recognize ones that I’ve read and see what category they were put under. (Pillars of the Earth a religious book? No way, it’s definitely historical fiction!!) Very cool :)


  1. […] morning, I woke up to learn that Jorie from The Midwest Maven included me on her Friday Round-up post as one of the “Best o’ the Blogs.” She […]

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